Thoughts on First Kiss

By | March 15, 2014

First Kiss

I came across a video on first kisses recently. My first thoughts were I don’t know about that. Kissing a stranger. ugh. Yes… I’m a prude in many ways. But then I saw the video, and it got me thinking. Check it out.

First off, I thought the video was adorable. The shy awkwardness of being asked to kiss a stranger was beyond cute. Then came the kiss. My initial thoughts were a peck. Get in… get out. I was truly unprepared for the passion which went into to each kiss.

A week or so ago, the question why do people kiss? entered my mind. I couldn’t find any real good reason. I did come across an evolutionist theory, referring to primates chewing food and mouth-to-mouth feeding to offsprings. However, that doesn’t really explain the courtship/sexual kissing between males and females.

From Lips to Toes

What I found interesting was the passion which went into the kisses. There was nothing causal about it; these strangers were making out. Their entire bodies embraced the kiss. One guy held onto his gal like it’d be the last kiss he’d receive before she was ripped from his arms. Granted… some kisses were more intimate than others, but the writer in me wanted to write the book. 🙂

Relationship Dynamics – the New Icebreaker

What I found fascinating (and this is the psychologist in me), was the way the strangers look at each other after the kiss. For a few moments, they were no longer strangers… they were companions. Even if for a few seconds before they fell into the awkwardness again.


Watching the video, I understood why people kiss. Kissing builds trust and creates a sense of closeness.

I definitely need to work on changing my husband’s greetings from a peck to a semi-makeout session.

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