Faking Female Orgasms: You Big Faker!

By | May 30, 2013

Why oh, why do women fake it?

For many men, the fact they’ve never had any complaints confirms they’re a stallion in bed. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), many women will allow men to believe that little untruth, because as folks say, “Ignorance is bliss.”

We at My Female Orgasm believe communication is a key component in increasing sexual satisfaction. So remove those rose colored glass and allow us to let men in on a secret. Most women have faked or will fake an orgasm at some point in their lives.

Sound familiar? Yes… you may have already been a unsuspecting victim of a fake orgasm. To get to the bottom of this misleading disservice, it’s important to understand the rationale behind a fake orgasm.

To Get Sex Over

In a previous article, the idea of more is better was broached. On the other end of the spectrum, there comes a time when enough is enough.

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Sexual partners feed off one another

It’s almost as if arousal is contagious. Some women realize this and use it to their advantage. If she can convince him she’s reaching a peak, she knows there’s a good chance she can pull him over the edge also. And voila! Expended penis. Game over.

End the obligation to continue

Considerate men are wonderful. They strive to leave their partners sexually fulfilled and approach sex with an attitude of “Never give up! Never surrender!”

Here’s the thing: Sometimes a female orgasm just isn’t going to happen, for whatever reason. And those reasons may have nothing to do with him or his sexual performance. In fact, sex may have been great. Even without an orgasm, he may have left his partner well satisfied, and now she’s thinking, it’s time for sex to come to an end.

“Oh God! Oh yes! Yes! YES! YES! Oh!”

Now he knows he’s satisfied his sexual partner, giving him the freedom to transition to his own pleasure and release. A few spurts later, and she too can transition onto something else.

To Preserve the Male Ego

Whether it’s true or not, many women have heard how fragile the male ego is, especially when it comes to sexual performance. Society pounds the idea into the public (especially in the United States) that the penis plays a strong role in a male’s identity, and the feats he’s able to achieve with that special member says a lot about his status as a male (even if he’s not at liberty to share his sexual prowess with the world).

So where does the fake orgasm fit into all this?

Relationship building

As odd as it may seem, some women see a dishonest fake orgasm as a way to build on a relationship. Why? Because a female orgasm acts as a compliment. It’s a way of saying, “Job well done!” for her partner’s sexual performance. Not only do compliments puff up the ego, but it also shows appreciation.


Sometimes the sex is great, just not orgasmic. If the sexual event isn’t a solitary experience with the individual, and more sexapades are plan for the future, a fake orgasm can act as a bit of encouragement.

An orgasm is like a synapse. Either the synapse fires or it doesn’t. Either the orgasm happens or it doesn’t. Rather than giving the impression of missing the mark, some women may choose to give bonus points through the fake orgasm.

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One last thought for today

There are a variety of reasons women may fake an orgasm. Not all of them are listed here. This article isn’t a criticism for faking, nor is it endorsing fake orgasm. Rather, think of this article as an opportunity to gain some insight as to why women do fake orgasms.

In the near future, we’ll discuss reason not to fake an orgasm.

Willingness comes from understanding that every action has consequences, as does every failure to act. ~ Unknown

So what are some consequences of faking an orgasm?

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