Beyond Premature Ejaculation

By | April 4, 2014

Beyond Premature Ejaculation

Most people take part in the sexual activity due to the sexual pleasure they experience from the orgasm. But coping with premature ejaculation can often be one of the most exasperating experiences in not only a man’s life, but also his partner. The embarrassment and stigma linked with the incapability to last can be overbearing, while also leaving his partner frustrated. For some couples, it can lead to the avoidance of sex until, and poor communication can mean the couple never works through the issues. The great news is simply that there is plenty a couple can do to put a stop to those unexpected climaxes and enjoy sex that’s truly fulfilling.

Foreplay is the key

If you’d like your love making session to last, foreplay is not just crucial, it is a must. But do you know that correct foreplay is the key to causing female orgasms, as well as removing performance and reducing nervousness that’s so frequently connected with premature ejaculation?


Ladies can take much longer than men to be aroused. And foreplay is the auto that amps up a woman’s sex drive and turn on their wild side.

Sex Positions or Twister?

For men, the positions chosen during sex can make a significant difference to endurance. And no, you do not have resort to those wacky positions you see in porn films. You’re not a porn star, making your next video. Those films are supposed to stimulate your senses, which can also be a part of your foreplay.

Try experimenting with 1 or 2 positions and find out together with your partner what works for you… and see which position helps your partner last longer and which positions are more enjoyable. And don’t neglect the female on top positions. The female in the dominant position is a really good one to try out, as it most men love it. Another secret is to switch positions when your guy indicates his arousal rising near the point of no return. This break in momentum may stop him from going over the edge before you’ve hit your peak.

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