Taking Sexual Responsibility

Being in love is a wonderful experience, but love doesn’t necessarily equate to an orgasmic sexual experience. In today’s society, so much emphasis is placed on a woman making her man gasp with thrill, while neglecting a woman’s needs. Sexy lingerie, pornographic films, and slinky magazines. Whatever it takes to seduce a man and push… Read More »

Beyond Premature Ejaculation

Beyond Premature Ejaculation Most people take part in the sexual activity due to the sexual pleasure they experience from the orgasm. But coping with premature ejaculation can often be one of the most exasperating experiences in not only a man’s life, but also his partner. The embarrassment and stigma linked with the incapability to last… Read More »

Thoughts on First Kiss

First Kiss I came across a video on first kisses recently. My first thoughts were I don’t know about that. Kissing a stranger. ugh. Yes… I’m a prude in many ways. But then I saw the video, and it got me thinking. Check it out. First off, I thought the video was adorable. The shy awkwardness of… Read More »